Something is happening in my soul. As I detach from the worldy and become more free, I'm finding myself dreaming more and more of unschooling my kids (at least my youngest) and traveling. Although I can't quite visualize what it entails.. a cozy hippie bungalow in OKC and 3 month submersive stays in new places? An RV? If I get an RV, do I have to buy a big truck and go all Pioneer Woman? How do I create a life of travel with my kids that is comfortable (mostly) and positively stimulating? Being on the road full time staying in different apartment homes or in AirBnB pads seems too "irresponsible" for a single mom, right?..too crazy and not structure enough for my kids to flourish? Other families are doing it..right?

Help me Universe.

I want the ability to work for myself remotely, unschool or homeschool my children, and travel to beautiful and inspiring places...whether by land or air. I want to connect with other cultures and nature. I want to inspire others to live independent lives outside of the social constructs laid out for them. Provide me a path to these things and give me clarity to see it. Please..never allow me to lose sight of my dreams. I long to give my kids meaningful and impactful experiences in this life. I want them to see God in every human, every insect, every beautiful horizon, every culture and environment. I want us to awe at life and cultivate a space of love together.

Universe, provide a clear path. Help me overcome every obstacle in the way.

Help me live freely and contribute to the healing and success of others.

With love and overwhelming gratitude for all that lies ahead,