Vintage Shop + Lifestyle Brand

 A couple months ago, I hit a bit of a creative wall with my business.  I was spending a lot of time introspectively assessing what The Vintage Ladye had become as a brand and I realized this crazy thing: it hadn't become the brand I envisioned at all, it had become a kitschy little vintage shop. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE kitschy vintage shops. They represent all the nostalgia I crave. I just want TVL to be perceived a bit differently.

 Since I started casually selling online almost two years ago, my business model has changed and my mission has evolved. While I still want to satisfy my customers' need for nostalgia and affordability - I also want you to know that The Vintage Ladye is a lifestyle brand, here to empower forward thinkers and provide sustainable alternatives to buying new. (This is where passionate and rambling me would love to spew out all of my creative ideas, hopes, and dreams, but I'll spare you for now. You can read more about our mission here.)

 As I was brainstorming ways to improve and synchronize my storefront and online presence, I coincidentally met Adrian Ables of AppOpps. We talked about how his company could help me redesign my website and reach more people seeking the solutions The Vintage Ladye provides. I realized pretty quickly that the services he offered were just what TVL needed - so we went to work.

 Several weeks and a lot of collaborative work later, The Vintage Ladye has a brand new website with a defined aesthetic, scalable features, a more organized online shop, and room to tailor your experience. We've still got photos to update and a multitude of inventory to add, so stick around a bit. Here on the blog, I'll write about vintage stuff and exciting business-related news, but I'll also get personal with you and delve into other topics. I want to show you a little more of who I am, who we are as a brand, and learn about yours well. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

 Big thanks to Adrian and his AppOpps teammates, Alex and Michael, for their hard work and patience throughout this process. I also want to thank Zach Cloos for his dope photographic services and raw feedback, Brandan Fontaine for styling the hell out of my menswear, my incredible assistant Serena for jumping in and doing whatever was needed and then some, and these beautiful people for not only modeling, but for being mad supportive of what I'm doing: Mike Turner, AdrianPenelope, Crosby. To my family and friends who've supported my efforts in some capacity, and to my customers who choose to spend their hard-earned money with me - Thank you, for every encouraging word and every dollar invested.  I'm filled with gratitude and excitement for what is to come.

*Disclaimer: This is my first blog and I'm no professional writer. If (more like when) you find typos or not-so-perfectly articulated thoughts - please remember this tidbit.